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eBay No Longer Process Payments Via PayPal

The well-known way of shopping on eBay is now over. With the new terms and conditions coming into effect, it will no longer be possible for buyers and sellers to process the money transfer directly via PayPal.

Especially on the part of the seller, you have to be prepared for changes. Because in the future the transfers will only run via eBay. In any case, the buyer’s money first reaches the platform operator and is then transferred to the seller after the deduction of the fees. In this way, eBay ensures that it regains sufficient control over the business.

As a buyer, you can still pay via PayPal. Here, however, the money is no longer sent to the seller, but to eBay. The terms of use that have now come into force give eBay the right to prevent the transaction from being carried out if one tries to smuggle the funds past the platform operator.

Migration Threats Cannot Be Overlooked

The changeover has caused some resentment among users – especially, of course, on the part of the seller. The number of providers who threatened to migrate could not be overlooked. However, it has been shown time and again in the past that the excitement is usually great and in the end hardly any user really packs his things and moves to another platform.

However, in this case, the pain of separation is by no means to be despised. eBay took over PayPal in 2002 and has since then integrated the subsidiary closely into its own marketplace. Basically, it went so far that it could be said that PayPal’s success was largely made possible by this close partnership. In 2015, eBay parted company with PayPal, which had meanwhile become the market leader in online payment, and has since been working on replacing it as much as possible.

EBay New Strategy Could Be A Disaster

Research Snipers has spoken to various eBay sellers that have been selling on eBay for decades, the sellers told that they are not comfortable with 2 major changes on eBay. The first is the payment processing, this affects not only the seller side but also the buyer side as well.

The second major change happening in eBay is the closer of seller accounts due to strict policies and documentation. Nearly 100s of eBay sellers told that they have been blocked on eBay to sell indefinitely. Many sellers tried hard to get their accounts back with everything possible eBay demanded in the name of documents/verification to secure their accounts but eBay took stiff measures to lock them out.