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eBay Suspends Direct Debit For Unannounced Duration


eBay is no longer just good for auctions, but a normal marketplace like Amazon. Different and as diverse as possible payment methods are also important there. But the direct debit had to be suspended some time ago.

Right now it’s Black Week, Black Friday, and whatever the retailers call their action days. You should and must look carefully to see whether something is a real bargain, but if you do that, you can certainly save quite a bit. This also applies to eBay, but users currently have to live with a significant limitation on the well-known trading platform.

According to the reports, eBay currently or for a few weeks no longer offers a direct debit option. This was provided together with the Berlin payment service provider Ratepay and should have been especially important for those who refuse credit cards, and PayPal.

Fraudulant Transactions

However, direct debit payments have not been possible since the end of October. The reason for this is security: According to eBay, they have been informed of a “series” of unauthorized purchases and requests for payment. eBay: “We are working with Ratepay to solve these problems. In the meantime, the Ratepay direct debit system is temporarily no longer offered as a payment option.”

According to Ratepay, this is not a fundamental problem with this type of payment, but you want to make sure that there are no fraudulent purchases. One possibility is identity theft, “in which unknown third parties improperly use the data of the customer concerned for ordering on eBay”.

Anyone who notices an unauthorized booking via direct debit should not worry too much. Because, according to consumer advocates, consumers can get back unauthorized direct debits. They have eight weeks to do this, and 13 months in the case of fraud.