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Editorial And Ethical Policy Of Research Snipers

Since it launched in 2014, Research Snipers ‘RS News’ has operated under a strict ethics policy that ensures our editorial independence guidelines and the integrity of our reporting and journalism. All of our editorial staff are required to abide by the following guidelines.

Earning and keeping the trust of our audience is, and always will be, at the core of Research Snipers’ mission. In a world where information is distributed across countless platforms and formats, it’s more important than ever to promote clear ethical and editorial guidelines that allow audiences to know where that information comes from and whether it can be trusted.


Our most valuable asset is the independence that allows us to publish stories without fear and from the sources that are trusted but get little exposure as it should get in mainstream media

RS Newsis routinely critical of people and companies we cover, and we’re most proud of our work when we tell stories that most people are not aware of, and it worth coverage. We are able to enjoy this independence because every member of our editorial team is required to follow a strict code of conduct.

Here are the Major guidelines in our code of conduct:

  • We don’t accept things of value or money from companies or from their PR firms, period
  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage of a story that require us to say many things openly
  • We do not give subjects of our reporting the ability to preview or approve interview questions, nor do we allow them to review our stories before we publish
  • We do not allow reporters to cover people or companies where they have a personal conflict or any kind of interest
  • We do not make paid endorsements of any kind, the reviews are based on general information and in balanced approach along with independent research
  • We do not personally invest in companies we cover
  • Our editorial team does not produce paid content, ever which means the content written must not be paid for, however, independent unbiased coverage could have an editorial fee.


In addition to standards that preserve our independence, RS News’s reporters are expected to abide by industry-standard ethical guidelines for reporting. This means that our editorial team takes great care to learn the truth and report it, minimize the risk of harm, and strive for accuracy and honesty in everything we publish. We use the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics as an exemplar for the professional conduct of our editorial staff.


We have a dedicated advertising team that is responsible for selling ads space on our property. Our editorial teams do not directly accept money or other consideration from individuals or entities as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. However, some of our editorial content is made possible through the support of sponsors. This content is clearly marked as content “Sponsored” by the applicable sponsor. Our sponsors may select which content they wish to support, however, we do not allow our Sales team, or our sponsors to control or interfere with the editorial integrity of our editorial teams and the content they create.

Some of our content may contain marketing links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links. In our editorial content, these affiliate links appear automatically, and our editorial teams are not influenced by our affiliate partnerships.


RS News brand is distributed across many platforms, including our own website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Our editorial standards apply to all of our platforms.


Despite making every effort to be accurate in our reporting, sometimes things can go wrong. If we discover a mistake in a story, our editors will promptly

issue a correction that removes the inaccurate information and adds a notice of correction that explains the error. In some cases, like if an inaccuracy is contained in a video, we may have to remove the original piece of content and replace it with a version in which the error is omitted.

Sometimes more information about a story we’ve published becomes available that either continues the narrative or clarifies the original story, but it is not a correction. In these cases, we may add and/or change elements of the original story. These updates will be clearly noted at the bottom of the story, indicating the time of the change and a note describing what was changed.

Additionally, we may remove content if we believe it infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party, otherwise violates any third-party rights, or breaches any applicable law or regulation.


Advising our audience about the best way to spend their time and money is one of our most important responsibilities. Our reviews always contain honest, independent assessments after good research of our editorial team. Like everything else we publish, there are no paid-for reviews of any kind written by RS News’s editorial team.

Companies may loan products (like laptops and smartphones) to our editors for a limited period of time so we can evaluate them and determine whether to review them. Occasionally, we will keep a review unit for an extended period of time to fully evaluate it and its software updates over time. We may also agree to an “embargo” with a company or PR firm that allows us to evaluate their product prior to its release.

Responsibilities OF Authors

Research Snipers emphasize on following ethical and editorial guidelines by all authors, authors are responsible for creating stories that are independent in nature, authors must choose credible sources on the subject and cite them in order to make the story authoritative. Authors must not infringe on the copyright policy of the company and adhere to strict journalism guidelines as mentioned above.


We always keep our eyes and ears open to hear the positive, so we also require a feedback for our editorial policy and ethical policy. If you see

something that doesn’t look good please do contact us.