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Elon Musk admits that robots slowed Tesla production

In a current meeting with CBS, Elon Musk talked about the eventual fate of Tesla and the issues the manufacturer was having delivering enough Model 3 vehicles to take care of increasing demand. One of the issues that Musk addressed was the organization’s over-dependence on mechanical robots, saying that they had slowed the organization down.

“Yes, they did … ” Musk said in response to questions regarding whether or not the company’s use of robots delayed production. “We had this crazy, complex network of conveyor belts … And it was not working, so we got rid of that whole thing.”

Musk followed up these announcements on Twitter by conceding that “Humans are underrated.” Tesla has been under an expanding measure of pressure because of its inability to deliver enough units of the Model 3 to take care of demand. While Musk admitted that the organization’s over-dependence on robots had prompted delays, he said that clients ought not be stressed over getting their autos. He said it may take up to nine additional months, yet customers would get them.

“There shouldn’t be a question mark as to whether somebody’s gonna get their car, it’s just, yes, you’ll definitely get your car,” Musk told King. “It’s gonna be six to nine months longer than expected.”

Musk additionally called attention to that three of those months have just passed, so customer have very little longer to wait. That being stated, he admitted that a few customers had wiped out their requests. He trusts that a large portion of them did as such essentially in light of the fact that they required an auto without a moment’s pause, and Tesla didn’t have it.

The low creation levels have inflicted significant damage on Tesla’s stock. A month ago, share costs tumbled from $340 to $252, however things are enhancing as per Musk.

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