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Elon Musk Becomes Coauthor Of COVID-19 Study

Elon Musk

There seems to be almost nowhere to get around Elon Musk at the moment. Now the entrepreneur is also listed as one of the authors of a Covid 19 study that was published in a renowned scientific journal.

The study, published in Nature Communications, looked at data from a large-scale antibody test. The focus is, among other things, on the role that carriers of antibodies against the Covid-19 virus play in the infection process. From this, in turn, important findings can be derived about how, for example, the vaccination sequence should be designed in an entire population in order to get the pandemic under control as effectively as possible.

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However, Musk does not deal with pandemic research in his spare time and is not simply listed as a donor in the paper. Rather, the entire study or the underlying data collection was started due to his interest in smooth time processes in one of his companies.

Comprehensive testing

When Covid-19 became a big issue last year, the space company SpaceX, founded by Musk, was in the critical phase of getting into the manned missions. In order not to take any risks here, the entrepreneur set up a test program that was probably quite unique in this form. Over 4,000 SpaceX employees were therefore regularly given blood for antibody tests.

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This form of corona test is relatively complex and expensive. Therefore, there is practically nowhere in the world another closed and quite easily observable group that has been tested with a similar intensity over months. From the data obtained here, for example, it was possible to learn more about the fact that the carriers of the antibodies are not completely immune to corona disease either. This was suspected anyway, but in the end, you need tangible data such as those compiled here for realistic findings. In an effort to avoid problems with the SpaceX schedule, Musk has thus provided enormously important insights for dealing with the pandemic.

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