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Elon Musk Blows Up Monocell Battery Rumors About Apple Car

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It was announced on Monday that Apple is said to have reactivated its plans for an electric car. “Project Titan” should deliver a concrete result in 2024 or 2025. Tesla boss Musk got involved in the matter and confirmed that he had earlier made an offer to Apple.

Reports of negotiations between Apple and Tesla are anything but new; Elon Musk confirmed corresponding talks as early as 2014 but said at the time that a positive outcome is anything but likely. Also in the previous year, there were sources that claimed or confirmed that Apple should have planned a takeover or entry.

At that time it was said that the negotiations had ultimately failed because of Elon Musk because Apple did not want the eccentric Tesla boss at the head of the car manufacturer under any circumstances. That ultimately killed the deal, it was said at the time.

Tim Cook didn’t even want to see Elon Musk

Now Elon Musk has spoken out: he responded to a tweet regarding the latest reports on the Apple car and said that he had contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook during the “darkest days of the Model 3 program” about a takeover from Tesla through the group from Cupertino, California – at a tenth of the current value of Tesla. Musk said: “He (Cook) refused to attend the meeting.”

Apparently, there is not necessarily great sympathy between the two, because that also fits into the picture, according to which Apple would only have taken over Tesla at the time on the condition that Elon Musk had left.

“Strange” monocell battery

Musk also commented on the Reuters news agency report that Apple is preparing a car with a “monocell” battery. He finds the information on this “strange”, among other things because a monocell solution is electrochemically impossible because the maximum voltage is too low by a factor of 100. Musk: “Maybe you mean cells that are connected like our structural battery pack?”