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Elon Musk To Develop Brain Implant Which Controls Computer

Elon Musk founder of Tesla has now future generation plans that you mostly see in Hollywood movies, Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink is in pursuit of developing brain implant that could theoretically read human’s mind and control things like computers.

Elon Musk founded the startup in 2017 and within two years the startup Neuralink started to claim major achievements in human and machine intelligence. According to Neuralink, the company has developed thin threads smaller than hair that can be injected into the brain to detect the neurons’ activity, the company has also developed robots to inject these threads into human’s brain with the instructions of a neurosurgeon.

The Neuralink device would be groundbreaking on the current state of the art, it would have 1000 times more electrodes interfacing brain than leading FDA-approved device that is used to treat Parkinson’s disease, Musk said.

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The company has plans to get FDA approval early 2020 for clinical trials, the first clinical trial will be done on patients with complete paralysis and it will install four Neuralink implants in patient’s brain, said Dr. Mathew McDougall.

The company has tested the device on animals earlier including rats and monkeys. The previous test revealed that the monkey was able to control the computer with his brain after the implant was injected, Musk revealed. What this technology can bring to the world and what could be the consequences is still unseen, however, “This technology has a very good purpose to serve, which is to cure diseases, and ultimately secure humanity’s future.”, Musk said.

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