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Epic Boss Wants Apple And Google Joint Store

Tim Sweeny

It’s interesting, but also an unrealistic idea: Tim Sweeney, founder, and head of Epic Games, has extended his attack to Apple and Google and is now calling for a manufacturer-independent app store. This should also support all platforms.

Epic Games sued Apple last year and wanted the Californian company to open its app store significantly. In the meantime, a first decision has also been made here and this is not satisfactory for the plaintiff. Because even if Apple has to make certain concessions and allow references to external payment options, Epic was unable to assert itself in its most important points.

Apple and Google developed “duopoly”

This does not prevent Epic’s founder and chief executive officer Tim Sweeney from continuing the attacks on Apple and Google. According to Sweeney, these two groups have a dangerous duopoly that no other market participant can avoid.

His idea or demand, which he expressed in an interview with Bloomberg: “What the world really needs now is a single shop that works with all platforms.” Sweeney continues: “Currently, software ownership is divided between the iOS App Store, the Android marketplace Google Play, various stores for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, as well as the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store.”

Epic itself is already working with developers and service providers on a system that allows and enables the central purchase of software with simultaneous use on all conceivable platforms.

Apple must be stopped

The background to the conversation was Sweeney’s visit to South Korea, where mobile platforms are legally obliged (as the first country in the world) to offer users a choice of payment processors – which the app store operator protests. “Apple tie a billion users to a store and a payment processor,” said the Epic boss. “Now Apple adheres to repressive foreign laws that monitor users and deny them political rights. But at the same time, they ignore the laws passed by Korean democracy. Apple must be stopped.”

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