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Epic Games To Support GeForce Now

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The GeForce NOW platform, which has just entered the official market recently, seems to have some difficulties. Many big publishers like Blizzard, Bethesda, and 2K Games (in fact, Capcom left before the end of the test). The game was removed from the platform. Traditional game publishers don’t seem to see much of NVIDIA’s cloud game platform, but there are still good people who appear, and he is the Tim Sweeney we are familiar with.

Tim Sweeney recently published several Tweets in succession, announcing that the games where the Epic Games Store is released will participate in the GeForce NOW platform, and by the way praise the philosophy of the platform, and also critique Apple and Google’s attitude

Here is how he bragged About GeForce NOW

When he talks about the platform he says, it is the friendliest developer and publisher among major cloud gaming services and does not tax games revenue. Companies that want the gaming industry to move in a positive direction should support such services.

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The advantage that Tim Sweeney has advertised and proud of all is that their platform is more developer-friendly. According to this point, they really should support GeForce NOW. It’s just that the number of games released by the Epic Games Store is not large, and the right to speak in the publishing field is still much worse than in the technical field, so it is difficult to say how many publishers will change their minds and stay on GeForce NOW.

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In a situation where various manufacturers want to share a piece of the market, it is difficult for us to see the prospect of cloud games at present. After Google Stadia went online for a few months, the movement became thinner and thinner, and GeForce NOW also came across difficulties. In the future, if we want to use cloud games as the main game mode, we will install many different platforms and subscribe to many services. We hope the industry will not move in this direction.