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EU tells Google can’t restrict OEMs to keep Chrome and Google search as default

Margerethe Vestager EU competition regulator

EU’s Chief competition regulator tells Google that it cannot force the OEMs to make Google search and Chrome as default apps by law.

Google forces Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to follow the certain requirements in order to qualify for Google Play Store to run on their devices. One of the requirements is to make Google search and Chrome as default apps, the EU’s Chief competition regulator do not agree with that.

Google wants all OEMs to have Chrome and Google Search preinstalled on their devices if the OEMs do not comply with Google instructions they will not be able to run the Google Play Store on their devices. This is the core requirement that Google imposes on all OEMs.

EU’s Competition Chief, Margarethe Vestager said that Google requirement is against the fair competition, it only creates the company’s hegemony over its rivals in its own internet ecosystem of services. Google has a clear advantage over search engines and browser competitors.

Google might be in trouble if EU rules to force Google to offer easier and more straightforward substitutes of internet services. This also indicates the huge fines that Google was hit by in 2016, Google was fined by EU $2.4 billion for allegedly de-ranking the shop comparison tools of competitors in favor of its own.

Google on the other side argues that Google needs to make money somehow; it can continue to keep the operating system open in the first place. Nobody is forced to take Google’s apps but if you want to keep some apps you will have to take the whole suite.

It seems reasonable if you hear the arguments of the other side as well, Google app store is the most popular app used globally if OEMs have to use Play Store they must also take Chrome and Google search from with Google makes money, sounds fair deal to many.

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The recent changes incorporated by EU to adopt more aggressive regulations to protect consumers are in favor of consumers which allow them to enjoy the products with fair competition.

Once EU makes the final ruling, Google will have the chance for appeal, however, before that Google has to comply with EU’s ruling or face fines.