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Everything you need to know about Meta’s paid verification

A few months back Twitter announced its paid verification platform. Soon after this, other social media platforms started copying the same pattern.

The reason behind paid verification

One of the prime reasons behind such a move is that the ad revenue is not enough to support the platform. For this reason, platforms have to look out for other monetization programs.

Accessibility of Meta Verified

Soon after Twitter, Meta came forward with paid verification program. Recent news indicates that Meta’s paid verification program is now available in the US. Previously, users in Australia and New Zealand had access to Meta Verified. Now, users in the United States have access to a blue verification badge on Facebook and Instagram. It is anticipated that the program will extend to other regions in the coming months.

Pricing criteria for web users and App users

This program has been named Meta Verified. It is priced at $12 per month for web users. Where Android and iOS users will have to pay $15 monthly. The program is known as Meta Verified and costs $12 a month for web users and $15 for Android and iOS.

Benefits of Meta Verified

The paying users would have “proactive impersonation protection,” according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as well as immediate access to customer service. Also, Meta rewards paid customers once a month with stars that may be used to tip creators. These users will receive additional sticker packs for Reels and Stories.

Requirements of Meta Verified Program

Last month, the company has introduced the paid verification program in Australia and New Zealand. After its initial success, the program is now being introduced to other regions. However, the paid verification programs consider some requirements that should be met. These include:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • 2FA must be enabled
  • Users must submit a government-issued ID to Meta. Moreover, the ID card must present the same name and picture as the one provided on the account.
  • The paid verified users are unable to modify their username, photo, or date of birth without renewing their Meta Verified subscription.

The requirement of ID submission is to ensure the prevention of impersonation. Since this issue was presented during the initial days of the Twitter paid verification program.

The company states the program is still going through a testing phase. It could get more features for paid users in the future. Moreover, Meta states that the US users won’t have enhanced visibility in contrast to their equivalents in Australia and New Zealand. Since the company states that this feature is creating misunderstanding and confusion, the company is still testing it.

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