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Ex-Blizzard developers announce new strategy game

Developer Frost Giant has announced Stormgate, a new real-time strategy game for PC in which humanity wages a bitter war against alien invaders. The development team includes several former Blizzard employees who were involved with Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3, among other things.

Although only a first render trailer for Stormgate was shown at Summer Game Fest Thursday night, it gives a rough idea of ​​what RTS players here can expect: In a distant future, Earth is attacked by aliens entering. our world through so-called storm gates.

Players can take command of the aliens (which are more like demons) or the human resistance. Stormgate plans to tell its story through multiple story missions that can be experienced solo or with up to three players. In a tournament mode, players can also compete against equally strong participants from the rest of the world.

You can use an editor to create your own missions and then share them. It will be a while before it is published though, as so far only a beta launch has been promised for next year, which is already showing interest can register Stormgate will be free to play at launch – pay-to-win elements are categorically excluded.