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Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Quietly Leaves The Company After 19 Years Long Career

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Long-time Google CEO Eric Schmidt is said to have completely turned his back on the company after almost 19 years, already in February. This is clear from media reports, Schmidt himself has not yet commented.

Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011 and is known for bringing the search engine startup from a small, unorganized team to a global company in the company’s early years. Now, probably due to conflicts of interest, Schmidt is also said to have left his last position in the alphabet parent company founded a few years ago. The online magazine CNET reports this and refers to internal sources. “As it turns out, he has already left the company,” writes CNET.

Schmidt is currently involved in projects of the US government and the Department of Defense and has recently also taken on a new role as chairman of a New York commission that deals with the modernization of the state’s Internet, distance learning and telehealth services as part of the relief efforts after the coronavirus is concerned. It is clear that this can be seen as a conflict of interest. There are already more and more voices in politics warning of excessive influence from Google (and other large tech companies).

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Eric Schmidt had only worked as a “technical advisor on scientific and technological issues” since the beginning of 2018, after having previously ended his seven-year term as CEO of Google and then at the parent company Alphabet. So far, there has been no official announcement from Alphabet or Eric Schmidt confirming that he has now left. So far, CNET has received no response to the report.

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