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What To Expect On Social Media In Future ?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We wake up to Facebook posts, Instagram Pictures, Twitter tweets, Whatsapp messages and Snapchat stories. For the past couple of years these social media apps have ruled the life of an average individual.

The question is “What’s Next”? What is the future of Social Media?

We will make few fact based statements and some assumptions indicating “What to Expect Next On Social Media”.

  1. Social Television:

Short and long videos in collaboration with TV channels are the next thing for social media users. Social media incorporating television content is the next entertainment level soon to be achieved by Facebook, SnapChat and other social media giants.

  1. Create and share live video content :

News through media channels and expert reporters would slowly extinct. Live streaming videos by eyewitnesses are something we will find more and more in near future. Live videos when joined together can create virtual reality of each and every event going on globally, no matter how minor.

  1. Next Arab Spring on Social Media:

The deep resentment in Middle East on the atrocities by its rulers came out in shape of Arab Spring, the revolution that was pushed by social media. We can expect many such revolutions in future through social media. People raise their opinions, talk their mind, and say what they feel like on social media platforms. When those opinions would combine we can expect more social media rebellions.

  1. Wars & peace platform:

All the world leaders, business tycoons and popular personalities are on one or the other social media site. The platform can transform in to a battleground or in to a peace field in future. A war with swords and artillery is old. War and peace via social media is something we can expect in near future.

  1. Social Media would become primary source of info:

For some time now social media has become the primary source of information and knowledge for youngsters. Books and newspaper reading is dying out. Television is still seen as a source of information but many of the teenagers are enlightened about major news going on worldwide through social media. This trend might spread in to masses in the future.

  1. Telepathic conversation:

One thing we can assume and hope for on social media is having a conversation via telepathy. A conversation from one mind to another mind without any possible means of communication. Seems fictional but can be achieved.

  1. Wearable, part of body:

Gadgets might not exist in the future.   We can imagine wearing glasses or watch to get in to the world of social media. The technology of wearables has started but is connected with your smartphones. In the future, the wearable’s can survive on their own without the aid of any gadget.

  1. Virtual shopping:

You can place an order through social media applications to buy some item or get food delivered. We can hope that soon food or shopping items can be delivered to you through your PCs and smartphones. We can directly receive a product or service without need of any shipment or delivery system.


Few of the points mentioned above will soon be seen in our social media applications. Others are assumptions by researchers and experts. We can anticipate the future but we can’t predict things with hundred percent surety. Technology is bringing changes and advancement for the users every other day, so nothing is a surprise anymore. Tomorrow, something can come up that can change the entire scenario of social media, you never know. So brace yourself up for any and every kind of change. One thing we can say for sure, with high competition, numerous technological experts and innovative people around, technology is not to remain stagnant.