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Eye: Turning your iPhone into an Android device

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For many developers out there turning an Android device to run iOS software is a big achievement. Since the lock-down nature of Apple’s software makes it hard to do so, the people who do are considered geniuses in the hacking world. We’re talking about some Anonymous level gig, here. We have come across this contender for running iOS and Android on one device which is asking for funding on kickstarter by the name of Eye. It has taken a somewhat obvious approach in this regard by attaching an entire Android phone on the back.

Now, the final result of this strange is some Frankenstein oriented phone where on one side is the iPhone and the other side has an Android device. The speaker, microphone and camera are of the Apple’s device in the Eye but besides that, the entire case is a device that is fully functional on its own. The mechanism holds support for two SIM card slots with an expandable MicroSD card as well. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack with an IR blaster. Looking at the battery life, Eye has its own separate battery and NFC chip. Not to mention, it comes with its own screen which is a 5 inch AMOLED display. A lot of this sounds very familiar to the specifications of an Android phone. We break you the news that, this is an Android phone in its basics.

Turning your Android device to iPhone has never been easier

Not to confuse you, this is not running Android device on an iPhone. It’s more like duct taping an Android device at the back of the iPhone. This adds a lot of interesting features to your device but now, it cannot be deemed as something new which a regular Android phone does not provide. Esti.Inc has not yet commented on what sort of internal specs are to be expected from the Eye. However, the price of $189 is much cheaper in terms of cellular connectivity while keeping in mind the more powerful Android experience. In terms of technological experience, the Eye sure is interesting to look at but a lot of questions arise when looking at the dimensions of it. We will leave it up to the makers to comment and answer.

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Also if you’re planning on giving this a go keep in mind that Esti. Inc is a first time company. This means that it has never actually shipped products before this. We advice that you keep an eye on the promises the company is making when it comes to the functionality of the Eye. You can get it from kickstarter for $95 (without 4G) at an early bird price or $129 (with 4G). The upcoming company has promised to start shipping in August or September this year.

Image via Demystify Asia