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Facebook admits to acting late on fake news

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The online networking giant, Facebook has once more proceeded with its statement of regret tour, as its second most capable official and COO, Sheryl Sandberg has admitted to numerous untold realities in a question/answer session at the Code Conference arranged by Recode in California.

In the session, Sandberg said that she and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg both concur that they were late in admitting mistakes they had done while curing fake news and election interference. Indeed, they concur that they took care of this entire Cambridge Analytica outrage severely and it gives the idea that breach of users’ trust is something exceptionally hard to recapture. As she expressed;

“We were late on fake news and election interference. I don’t think we were focused enough on the bad. More than that, Sandberg also admitted that sorry isn’t enough. We said we’re sorry but sorry isn’t the point. The point is the action we’re taking. On all of these fronts, we’re thinking about responsibility in the very different ways.”

Sandberg additionally conceded that when she thinks back and see what mistakes they did at Facebook, she generally has longed that they would have done more. When you have humanity on a platform, you get the beauty and you get the ugliness”, she contended. These are somethings Facebook needs to totally resolve in future as they are chipping away at solid AI calculations to control fake news and election interference.

In particular, on Cambridge Analytica fiasco, when Sandberg was inquired as to whether Facebook knows about its errors and what caused the information breaks of a great many users then for what reason hasn’t anybody been let go yet. Sheryl answered with a reasonable answer saying; “We do fire people”, however it isn’t important to specify whether they are connected to Cambridge Analytica include. “We don’t trot them out and make examples of them.”

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