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Facebook Has Blocked Blasphemous URL’s In Pakistan

It has been suggested to Facebook officials to link an opening of account on Facebook with a mobile phone number. This would not just enable Facebook to fight with fake accounts but would also control the blasphemous posts made on the social media site.

Secretary IT Rizwan Bashir said that at the moment the Facebook account is verified through e-mail which isn’t a very secure procedure. As Sims are biometrically verified in Pakistan, therefore connecting opening of an account with a mobile number is more secure.  He talked about it while addressing National Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication. In the committee Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that around 12,977 blasphemous URLs have been removed from Facebook while 6,000 complaints are under review. Out of these 6000, 350 are blocked.

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PTA and Facebook both are working effortlessly for monitoring content on Facebook. PTA has developed a cell of 25 individuals whose only purpose is to find out unlawful blasphemous content on Facebook. Facebook has also chosen a specific person to coordinate with PTA to remove unethical content once reported.

Since February 2017, 137 blasphemous links have been blocked by Facebook management for Pakistani users.

Facebook Inc was approached to aid Pakistan in controlling the blasphemous content posted. Facebook answered the objection made by Pakistani officials and aided the country in removing content that spread hatred in the society. Facebook reported that it received 1,000 requests in 2016 from Pakistan, out of these request 70% have been dealt with and they are open for further requests and objections as well.

The absence of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials in the meeting were noticed by the committee and they expressed disapproval over it.

The Universal Services Fund representative was also part of the committee. He gave a briefing on the projects under Universal Service Fund (USF) that are going on as well as the future plans. Deadlines for completion of those projects were specified.