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Facebook could be bringing a smartwatch with a detachable display

Facebook is reportedly working on a smartwatch that could feature cameras and a detachable display.

Facebook Smartwatch

When we talk of smartwatches, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are the few names that quickly struck our minds. And why not? They have been in the business for a long time giving us tons of smart gadgets and winning hearts. But there is soon a competition coming their way, and it could become one of the best in producing smartwatches. The competition is none but Facebook.

According to a recent news break from XDA developers, Facebook is working on a smartwatch that could come with cellular connectivity. This news, in fact, has been rolling over the internet since February 2021. But then it wasn’t certain what the company would bring.

According to the latest news, this smartwatch will feature a detachable display and two cameras. We also learned that this smartwatch from Facebook would also bring a few health and fitness tracking features. This smartwatch would run an open-source version of Android.

About the design, this display on this wearable would be removable from its stainless steel frame. It is expected that behind this display, there would be the primary camera set up to capture photos and videos or make video calls. The rear camera would be a 1080p auto-focus unit, while the front one would be for video calling.

The cellular connectivity would allow users to share photos and videos on apps like Instagram. The company is already working with major wireless carriers in the US to offer LTE connectivity on its smartwatch for this purpose.