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Facebook declined Pakistan’s request to connect accounts with phone numbers


Web-based social networking giant Facebook has declined to agree to Pakistan’s demand for to connect all Facebook accounts with telephone numbers, Voice of America (VOA) provided details regarding this issue.

Pakistan had made the demand when Facebook Vice President Joel Kaplan met with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan a week ago. The motivation behind the demand was to check the utilization of fake profiles that post disrespectful substance and make it simple for experts to follow users.

Nonetheless, in an email to VOA, Facebook has affirmed that it has chosen to not consent to the demand to keep ensuring its users’ rights. The strategy for making new records would stay unaltered, Facebook included. It additionally affirmed that the demand had been made by Pakistani experts to manage the threat of fake profiles.


As to “important and productive meeting,” the Facebook official expressed that the VP talked about Facebook’s worries in regards to late court choices and illuminated that the meeting takes after an entirely legitimate process against the administration’s demand for restriction on a material.

Pakistan aims to restrict misuse of social media through collaboration with networking giants and legislative bodies

The email likewise said that the meeting talked about Facebook’s “She Means Business” and “iChamp” computerized education projects.

Since, February 2017, 137 blasphemous connections have been hindered by the Facebook organization for viewership in Pakistan.

Facebook was additionally made a request to help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in the nation by furnishing them with information that they requested.

Facebook, accordingly, said that it gotten around 1,000 demands in 2016 from Pakistan. Around 70 percent of them had been consented to. The Facebook organization repeated that it will keep on supporting such demands. The collaboration aims to curb hate speech on social media. It aims to empower and educate users on the right use of social media. This will empower media literacy in the people.

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