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Facebook deleted profile: UK High Court ordered Facebook to explain

The UK High Court judge has ordered Facebook to unveil the reason for deleting the profile of jazz musician and his band six months after he died, the court asked who told it to delete the profile.

The company said it received a request to do so but declined to reveal it to the family who has instructed it, The Times reported.

Azra Sabados’s (Musician) partner Mirza Krupalija said that she is sure that no family member and friend has requested this, losing his posts, messages on Facebook is like losing him the second time, she said.

Mr. Krupalija lived in Sarajevo, had a fatal heart attack which took his life just after his 57th birthday in 2016. Ms. Sabados told, “It is like you lose someone loved and then you try to hang onto everything you had, and then something terrible happens, you can’t explain it to your friends, none of the family members.”

“We had everything in the past on Facebook, his profile was full of his time spent with me, travels, music, and his profile also stated that he had a relationship with me — Facebook could have sent an email to check before deleting it.”

Azra Sabados via BBC

Ms. Sabados said she spent like a year talking to Facebook before taking a legal action, however, Facebook declined to comment. Ms. Sabados’s lawyer Greg Callus from law firm 5BR confirmed that Facebook is now required to provide the details under a legal term Norwich Pharmacal Order. Facebook could be innocent but knows the third party involved in this, Facebook has 21 days to respond to the order by the court.

“The Judgement was amazing, said Ms. Sabados. I really appreciated the judge agreed that it was a wrongdoing, it wasn’t right, wasn’t fair and it created a lot of distress. We want Facebook to tell us exactly what is the process of deleting someone’s profile if they receive such request, it was a profile of a human being and many people are affected in the circle of friends who loved that person.

Ms. Sabados and her friend Ognjen Savija launched an online petition couple of years ago asking the firm to restore the profile and private messages of Mr. Krupalija, the petition at that time had 850 signatures.