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Facebook is testing a feature that will declutter your news feed

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Facebook profiles may soon never again be a long list of all that you’ve at any point shared. Facebook seems, by all accounts, to be trying a tool that would enable users to share posts without incorporating them in their profile, sending them to the news feed only.

Facebook hasn’t yet affirmed the trial of the feature, yet The Next Web’s Matt Navarra as of late detected the option. The choice appears at the top point of a new post by the privacy options and additionally the option to add to an album. By choosing “show on profile,” users can pick whether to, like the present alternative, post to both the news feed and the profile, or to simply send the post to the news feed as it were.

In the event that the tool makes it past testing, the choice could give users more control over the look and content of their profile. Friends visit the news feed to peruse updates, yet guests on the profile have a tendency to search for something more particular, such as something that user partook before, determining the status of an old companion or looking at a potential new hire.

Facebook seems to be on the roll for decluttering news feed

Users could, for instance, need to share news stories they are interested in publicly, yet may not need a potential new supervisor or companion to figure their political alliance from the list of posts they’ve shared. Another choice is to put the more vital events in the profile, however leave off that photograph of what was for lunch.

The test was spotted on Friday, December 15, that day that Facebook brought the “snooze” tool out of testing. The option enables users to incidentally remove a friend, Page or group from their news feed for 30 days.

Various new tests and features have all the earmarks of cleaning up the social media organization while offering users more choices to control what they see — Facebook additionally as of late killed that real time ticker and furthermore balanced algorithms to make video series that user visit more than once seem higher in the news feed.

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