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Facebook is testing Snapchat streaks feature in messenger

How many “streaks” you have going now? Well if you are a user of Snapchat then you must be aware of where I am coming from, the “Streaks” in Snapchat tells you exactly how many people you have been Snapchatting with back and forth.

Now Facebook has been observed to test the similar feature in their messenger app, Facebook is going to copy the feature from Snapchat. Yes exactly, this is not the first time Facebook is coping something from others, Facebook has recently observed to test Instagram collections like feature, the company also introduced facial recognition to unlock accounts, which was a copied feature from Apple, and the list goes on.

Whatever you call it copying, following or integrating most popular features in the market, the social giant has already confirmed the news to Mashable on Wednesday that the company is testing the feature similar to “streaks” on its messenger app.

The feature in Snapchat let users know with emojis and counters for how long a conversation “streak” is going on. Similar feature would be used in messenger with different emojis and counters appear to denote different types of streaks, for instance, if you have been talking to the person for at least three days in a row a lightning bolt may appear next to the name of the person and counter will tell you for how many days non-stop you were messaging, Facebook spokesperson told Mashable.

A user on Twitter observed this feature live on messenger and reported on Twitter, however, Facebook didn’t immediately commented and confirmed the feature testing.