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Facebook is Working on “Your Time on Facebook” Feature

The movement “time well spent” is sweeping these days in the technology world and is apparently coming to Facebook. A new feature that was noted by Jane Manchun Wong—an engineer who has formerly revealed new features in Instagram by finding through the code, would be showing the users how much they spend on social media networking giant. The news had been reported firstly by Tech Crunch.


The new feature—cautiously captioned as the “Your Time on Facebook” comes following the footsteps of firms like Apple and Google by giving more information regarding how users are spending their time on computers and mobile phones.

In the current form, the feature would be showing one how much time one spends on Facebook on a per day basis over the last week, besides spending average time daily on the website each day. The social networking site would also be providing the option for setting a daily time limit as well as a link for managing one’s Facebook notifications.

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Facebook has given confirmation to TechCrunch that the feature is in the development plans, however, it does not provide the information that when would the feature be launched and also even would the feature be launching for all users or not.

Facebook has already altered its News Feed algorithm for decreasing the presence of low-quality however, attracting viral videos. This had lead to a decrease in Facebook’s usage in North America in the fourth quarter of 2017, with a loss of seven lacs daily active users of the region. Zuckerberg said on this matter that this call of change has decreased time spent on Facebook by nearly fifty million hours per day.

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