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Facebook Likely to Bring Screen Sharing Feature to Messenger

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Facebook might soon bring a screen sharing feature to Messenger.

The social networking application would soon allow one to share screen of one’s smartphone with the people one is connected to through video chat. The new feature is called Screen Share.

Jane Manchun Wong—Tech Insider has used the reverse-engineering approach for identifying some significant clues which show that Facebook is already working on the mentioned feature.

Wong mentioned that the feature would appear during an audio or video chat session. The moment one tap onto the Screen Sharing button, the application would automatically switch off the camera on one’s smartphone.

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It would give permission to others to see the content on the screen of one’s phone. But one needs to give permit for capturing one’s screen through the Messenger application for using this function.

The feature is already provided in Skype and other famous chat services. It appears that Facebook is following in the same footsteps.

Currently, the feature is in the development stage and one might need to wait a few more months for getting a glimpse of the feature. But it is not confirmed by the social networking company that whether they are to launch the option or not. Many firms leave their experimental features during the development stages.

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