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Facebook now allows its users to Order Food

Facebook has announced another innovative feature that will enable users to order food without leaving the social network site. So people can place an order on Facebook.

“Order Food”, this new feature has been introduced for US users and we can hope for it to be released in other countries as well, soon.

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Facebook Vice President Alex Himel said, “People already go to Facebook to figure out what to eat by reading about nearby restaurants, and seeing what their friends say about them. So, we’re making it even easier. From local spots to national chains, Facebook connects you with old favorites and new discoveries in just a few taps. You can even check out what your friends have to say about a restaurant before you order your food.”

From the past year, Facebook was testing this feature, now finally it is coming out in the USA. It will be available for desktop, iOS, and Android applications, with new partners.

The aim of the social media tycoon is that people remain on its platform for all services from money-transfer, business services, and ride-hailing services to ordering food online.

Facebook has 2 billion active users and they are increasing day by day. Introducing appealing feature will only strengthen Facebook’s position in the tech world.