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Facebook removed Trump’s racist immigration ad


During the reelection campaign, Facebook on Monday said that the company is removing Trump’s racist immigration ad which is a part of Trump’s reelection campaign which is against Facebook’s policies.

President Donald J Trump’s immigration ad was criticized on media and social media as racist earlier, major TV channels including Fox News, CNN and NBC refused to run Trump’s ads deemed it racist.

Facebook’s decision comes after the refusal from major media outlets, according to Daily Beast, the 30-second ad features Luis Bracamontes and undocumented immigrant who was convicted of killing two California sheriff’s deputies in 2014. Luis was falsely connected to migrant caravan making its way to the US border, said Daily Beast.

Facebook’s spokesperson said, the ad violates the company’s advertising policy against sensational content, therefore, Facebook has rejected it, however, the video can be posted on Facebook but it will not receive a paid distribution.

The ad campaign was started in Florida and Arizona before US midterm elections on Tuesday targeting the voters, according to the ad archives. The ad is directly targeting voters to vote for Republican using racist content and discrimination card the ad reads, “America cannot allow this invasion, The migrant caravan must be stopped. President Trump and his allies will protect our border and keep our families safe.”

Facebook said it has a higher standard for ads what users post on the social network, the company policies restrict users to post ads that contain sensational content, disrespectful, shocking or violent content.

Facebook has not done enough

The video remains on the social media network which has more than 10K shares on Brad Parscale’s account, it is also available on Trump’s official Facebook page, which could have roughly the same number of shares, Facebook’s decision to respond after a week has already done enough damage. If the content is not allowed for promotion how can it be allowed to stay on the platform is the real question all activists should ask.