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Facebook Restores Privacy Settings Amid Data Breach Outcry

Yesterday Facebook released new privacy settings for the users aimed at giving more power to the users over how they want to control sharing data. This decision came after the recent scandal of hijacking personal information at the social networking giant.

The update includes simpler access to Facebook user settings and tools to easily search download and delete personal information stored on Facebook.

Facebook informed that the new privacy shortcuts menu would permit the users to quickly increase the account security and manage who could see their information and activity on the site and keep control on the ads they see.

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Erin Egan—the Chief Privacy Officer and Ashlie Beringer—the Deputy General Counsel in a blog post mentioned that it has been heard very clearly that the privacy settings and other significant tools provided by Facebook are tough to find and that something should be done to keep people informed.

They informed that more additional measures would be adopted in the coming weeks for letting people have more authority over their privacy.

At the start of this month, Christopher Wylie unveiled that a political consulting company Cambridge Analytica gathered profiles on fifty million Facebook users through an academic researcher’s personality prediction application.

The app was downloaded by two lac seventy thousand people, but also collected their friends’ information without their consent.

Facebook has apologized for the misuse of data and promised for fixing the issue. Facebook took out to the nine important British and the United States newspaper on Sunday to apologise to the users and published full-page ads.

Zuckerberg in the advertisements said that we have a responsibility to protect the personal information and data of the users and if we cannot do that then we do not deserve it.

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