Facebook to Launch a Smart-TV Device

smart tv

It is reported that Facebook is working on a smart-TV device, similar to the Fire Stick of Amazon. It would plug into a TV and give access to unlimited online content.

This streaming device will come as part of the Portal family of Facebook. It includes two smart tablets that will enable users to video chat with each other.

According to reports, the device will be announced this fall. Unlike its competitors, Apple and Amazon, the device that Facebook will launch will feature a camera and microphones. They will operate with its video service. It might enable Facebook to explore areas like augmented reality, face effects, and interactive stories.

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However, the main focus will be on streaming. The reports state that Facebook has approached Netflix and Disney for adding content to its hardware, but they have not commented on it yet.

Facebook is at the moment stuck in its privacy and security issues and breaches. At this time the social media giant needs to gain the faith of its users again.

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