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Facebook To Offer two-factor Authentication Keys For Mobile Devices

Facebook Two factor Mobiles

Although the social network giant Facebook has provided physical security key support based on two-step verification (2FA) for the desktop version of the service since 2017, it has not been able to usher in this feature on mobile devices. The good news is that in a blog post on Thursday, the company has announced that it is expanding its 2FA physical security key support for mobile devices. With immediate effect, iOS and Android mobile device users can also get the same account security.

It is reported that two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security support for online accounts, requiring users to use a password + other factors (usually a dynamic password generated by a third-party system) to complete the authentication login.

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Without any of them, it will be difficult for those with ulterior motives to break through users’ online accounts. Facebook pointed out in a blog post: “We strongly recommend that everyone consider using a 2FA authentication scheme based on physical security keys to improving the security of their accounts.”

At present, physical security keys based on USB or Bluetooth connections are commonly used in the industry. Only the physical security keys that users carry with them (to keep the connection and access distance from the device) can complete the identity verification and login process.

In addition, there are solutions based on authenticator App or SMS dynamic verification codes, but their shortcomings are also obvious, that is, they can easily be intercepted by third-party malware that gains access.

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In addition to Facebook, Twitter also disclosed plans for future updates earlier this week to allow users to enable a unique authentication scheme based on 2FA security keys (and another alternate 2FA authentication scheme).