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Facebook’s New Eye-Tracking VR Headset Coming In October

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company plans to offer a new virtual reality headset soon. The device could have multiple tracking sensors and will be available in stores from October. However, a name has not yet been mentioned. As arsetechnica writes, Mark Zuckerberg presented the key features of the new headset.

The device can track users’ facial expressions and transfer them to a virtual avatar. In addition, the data glasses must include an eye-tracking sensor, so that the movements of the eyes can be followed. This allows eye contact to be added to virtual conversations and simplifies game controls. The VR headset is codenamed “Project Cambria” and could be made available as part of the Connect event.

Meta response

With the new VR glasses, Meta responds to the PlayStation VR2 headset announced by Sony. The launch is planned for next year. Unlike other manufacturers, the Facebook parent company is currently making a loss selling cyber goggles to secure market shares in the VR segment.

However, analysts suspect that this strategy will not work for long and that major competitors such as Apple could become a problem. Meta announced in July that the Quest 2 will soon cost an additional $100. Under which name Meta will market the cyber glasses, remains open. A report from Bloomberg according to this, it would be possible for the headset to be called “Meta Quest Pro”. Nothing is known about the price yet.

However, it can be assumed that this is a high-end product. In addition to the announced device, there will be a series of other VR models in the future. The new generations could be presented one after the other and see the light of day in the coming years.

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