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Female TV Anchor in Kuwait Suspended for Calling her Male Colleague “Handsome” on Air

A female TV anchor was suspended from the Kuwaiti state television after she joked with her male colleague regarding his appearance.

As per the media reports, Basima al-Shammar while covering Kuwait’s municipal elections last weekend made an attempt to alert her male colleague—Nawaf to stop fixing his hair referring to him as “handsome”.

In a video that went viral, she could be clearly heard saying to her male colleague, Nawaf that there is no need for him to fix his head garment as he is handsome already.

The clip of this exchange was extensively shared on social media and drew anger among government ministries.

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The female anchor’s cracked joked was distant from the formal way of presenting normally seen on the Kuwait television, which is the official television station managed by the Ministry of Information.

In her defence, slamming down the uproar regarding the incident Basima said that it was a customary gesture of communications in the Gulf that when someone is seen adjusting their attire, then tell them you look handsome or good.

As per the reports of Stepfeed, the MP of Kuwait—Mohammad Al Hayef tweeted to Kuwait’s Minister of Information to take action against the TV anchor.

The incident has divided the Kuwaiti Twitter users into two groups with some in support of the female TV host and some in favour of the government’s step.

Some people argued that political news should be delivered in a formal way and must not contain personal jokes between presenters, however, some said that the government seems to have gone into overdrive over a harmless joke.

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