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Financial Freedom And Bitcoin

Globalization has given way to endless advances that contribute directly and indirectly to society, where all ages are involved.

Concepts such as the Internet, WEB3, and BitcoinEra, although a couple of years ago were difficult for us to digest today, are part of people’s daily activities worldwide, from the academic aspect to the financial one.

BLOCKCHAIN technology may still be a bit complex for us; the use and management of financial and digital tools will allow greater adoption and knowledge, integrating more and more of the operations that people execute.

Digital currencies and their decentralized characteristics give way to the possibility of achieving long-awaited financial freedom. This concept is longed for by many but achieved by few.

It is there where the use and investment through CRYPTOCURRENCIES mark a before and after in terms of people’s financial income.

A pandemic that opens the eyes to invest

The year 2021 could have been one of the most challenging years in the 21st century at an economic and financial level throughout the world, which caused many people to stay at home and be unemployed.

This situation was achieved through the most effective information platform, none other than the Internet; people began an arduous search, where the keywords were always working from home, and cryptocurrencies were among the possible answers.

More and more searches increased and, in turn, interested people, many decided to invest. Today, they have found the long-awaited results.

No one says that financial freedom is achieved overnight, but with safe and firm steps in terms of preparation to achieve it.

The fact that the concepts are on the web does not mean that they will generate the desired results by themselves; if users do not prepare and analyze the information, the objective and the goal will become increasingly difficult.

Financial freedom is associated with the fullness that human beings achieve when they know that their primary and not-so-basic needs are satisfied. Therefore, it is the first indicator that finances are improving remarkably.

Money has also evolved

Evolution is the word that characterizes the 21st century where technology has demonstrated its capabilities and the financial aspect; this refers specifically to money.

We must know that money has diversified; in addition to seeing it in the form of a ticket, the other way was through a check; previously, any merchandise exchanged in the form of barter was also money.

With the advances of society from all perspectives, money has progressed, and now there are more sophisticated forms of money, such as digital currencies or virtual money.

Another way of seeing money has also originated through financial actions, where it is capitalized, and profitability is generated.

Previously, freedom was compared to the reward that existed for enslaved people; it was simply the fact of not depending on an employer, but, over the years, money has managed to position itself in the minds of its users.

When Bitcoin emerged, for many, it seemed like an absurd idea that money could be managed digitally; what is certain is that many of those who believed in a digital money project today are millionaires.

This financial freedom that many have achieved is based on operations carried out with a futuristic vision. However, today gives the emotional peace of mind that their needs can be covered.

Due to its decentralized characteristics, where there is no control or manipulation of these crypto actives by third parties, Bitcoin has become a money mobilization platform where only the user can manage and dispose of it.

Although this characteristic makes many disagree, it does not mean that the States cannot adopt it; this decentralization may even contribute to many countries where inflation and the crisis are their biggest problems, achieving financial freedom.


Cryptographic operations require a lot of analysis; they are not operations that will give financial freedom without prior preparation. It may be an entirely new market, but it is the one that is most similar to the reality that we will have in the future, which is why over the years, both financial institutions and States must have the optimal technologies to adopt them under their regulations.

Stella Phillip

She works as an editor at Research Snipers.

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