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FindMyAdventure Is The First Online Travelling Startup In Pakistan

Everybody wants to explore the world that resides outside their walls. Travelling is a luxury that everybody can’t afford or plan. To help you all there is a Startup that has emerged in Pakistan called FindMyAdventure. The startup that just started operating last year has gained extreme popularity, so much so that it won the startup competition at Digital Youth Summit 2017.

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Five LUMS alumni formed this company with Syed Haider Raza being the CEO. It is the first online travelling and tourism market in Pakistan that provide a complete touring guide of the country, options to explore in the vicinity along with answering tourism related queries of individuals.

Reason for establishing the Startup: The founders loved travelling in Pakistan but realized that the facilities in the country were lacking. The passion for travelling and promoting tourism in Pakistan led to the establishment of the Start-up.
Aim of the Startup: To make travelling easy for Pakistanis and foreigners who want to visit Pakistan.
Location of Startup: Karachi & Lahore
Target market: Anybody who wants to travel, mostly age group between 18-40 year olds
Objective: To make FindMyAdventure the biggest travelling market in Pakistan and around the globe.
Competition with other tour operators: No competition, other tourist companies are our partners.
Security condition of Pakistan: The security situation of the count has improved and people are more comfortable in travelling around the nation.

Most visited tourist places: Hunza, Swat, Skrdu, Naran Kaghan regions are where most people want to go.

Other than Northern areas people want to travel to Baluchistan, and Karachi sea.