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Firefly Generative AI Tools are being introduced by Adobe for the creation of videos

The creation of professional videos requires major financial investments. It is quite a tough task. Since it requires a number of resources. To address the shortcomings and challenges associated with the creation of professional videos, Adobe has introduced Firefly. Firefly is a new suite of generative AI editing tools. It is built on Adobe’s Sensei AI program. It has the capacity to improve, manipulate and edit videos. All this is done with the help of some typed commands. In this way, the requirement for an extensive workforce is eliminated.

For color correction of a video, we have the option of filters. However, they could be limiting for users who want to create an artistic look. Firefly will enable users to describe the final look, and the rest of the stuff will be done by the AI. In addition to this, users can make specific edits to their videos as well, like brightening up a particular area of the picture without disturbing the rest of the shot. Similarly to that, users may utilize the AI tool to make motion graphics that appear professional by simply explaining them to the AI.

In addition to this, Firefly has the capacity to generate custom sounds and music, create subtitles, logos, and title cards, and recommend b-rolls. It will help editors and professionals save some time and resources. However, do note that the end result of Adobe and Firefly may differ. But, if it is successful then it could be the best tool for video creators since it will help with the creation of short-form content on platforms like TikTok.

Copyright Considerations and the Future Perspective

Since their release, AI businesses have come under fire for training their picture generators with photos that are protected by intellectual property rights. Adobe asserts that the copyright issues have been resolved because Firefly was trained on a small sample of pictures. These pictures were either in the public domain or a part of Adobe Stock. Further increasing Firefly’s compatibility with Creative Cloud video and other audio applications, Adobe has also announced improvements to the suite that will be accessible later this year.

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