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First job posting by Jeff Bezos for Amazon in 1994 revealed

One of the top e-commerce companies in the world—Amazon.com was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos.

After Apple, Amazon.com became the second company in 2018 to reach the historic marker of $1 trillion Company. The net worth of the company’s founder and CEO, who the world’s richest man, rises and falls based on the performance of his company in the stock market.

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The company has as many as 647,500 employees around the world but the interesting thing is that we are going to share the details of the first job posting by Jeff Bezos for his company Amazon.com in 1994.

The details of the job posting were followed by ‘well-capitalized start-up seeks extremely talented C/C++/Unix developers to help pioneer commerce on the Internet.’

There is also a video of an interview with Bezos from 1999 which shows that even before he was the richest man in the world, Bezos was an enthusiastic, optimistic visionary with remarkable plans for the future of commerce.

In his interview, the founder of Amazon also made his predictions for the future of e-commerce, which turned out to be remarkably true.

Jeff Bezos said, “What’s really incredible about this is it’s day one. This is the very beginning… of electronic commerce. We’re moving forward in so many different areas,” he said, in a 1997 interview (video below).