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Flash Player Content Gets Grace Period Will Be Blocked After Jan 12

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Adobe ended support for Flash software on New Year’s Eve 2020. The most important updates have been available for a long time so that Flash actually becomes history. But Adobe itself has planned a small grace period.

Because Adobe itself will not block the Flash Player content until January 12th. The aim is to give users – primarily companies – who start the New Year with free working days a further chance. For the majority of users, however, the grace period should no longer apply. For the most part, browser providers had started to block Flash very early on, or at least to make it more difficult to use, to prepare themselves and the users for the end of support.

Microsoft has released appropriate updates for most Windows versions so that Flash will be blocked from 2021 onwards. Flash enjoyed enormous cultural relevance, writes The Verge now, and sees that as the most important reason that the ending is dragging on for so long.

Around three years ago, Adobe announced that it wanted to phase out Flash technology, also to do justice to reviews on safety. For years, Flash had been criticized for its poor security, so the decision to end technology support was positively received by most users and experts. Adobe will only block the execution of Flash content after January 12, 2021. Only then is Flash “irrevocably history”. This also means that Flash can then no longer be used without further ado.