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Forget text-to image; with this AI, films are created based on your prompts

The astounding outcomes achieved by text-to-image AI systems like Dall-E, Stable Dispersion, and Mid-Journey are probably already well known to you. The revolution is continuing, as you may have predicted, and text-to-video AI solutions are its next target.

According to information from AI labs, Google and Meta have their own text-to-video abilities, but they aren’t publicly available yet. Quickvid is allowing you to try this amazing latest feature if you haven’t tried it yet.

The feature isn’t yet providing the capability of making multiple stable diffusion stills and arranging them to make a clip or giving access to the latest AI systems in the world for true video generation. This is quite an early placement in the competition for text-to-video.

The initial step is to have AI generate a script using your instructions. Despite making a short YouTube video, I tested it.I tried by inserting the statement, “A clip of a DJI drone flying over astronauts on Mars ends up with a reaction shot of a surprised astronaut.”

A complete narration of 79 words was generated by AI. It gave me the choice of a male or female voice. It was indicated by TechCrunch that the video created by AI is from a storage library that already contains many clips regarding the topic of astronauts on Mars.

QuickVid adds thumbnail images produced by the Dall-E API, overlaying the script as titles as a dubious final touch. The final YouTube clip, which can be viewed above, is intriguing. It might be better able to handle videos from the earth.

The creator of QuickVid stated that updates are on the way, with more customization choices expected in January, in an interview with TechCrunch. QuickVid will eventually enable avatars and add captions.

Along with other visual marvels like AR glasses and increasingly sophisticated VR headsets, several more text-to-video solutions might be developed and released in the following year. It ought to be thrilling.