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Fortnite might be releasing an annual battle pass

annual battle pass

It would seem that Fortnite is giving an annual battle pass. As announced by Fortnite News, information miners have discovered records that point to this new alternative in the v11.30 update, discharged today. The striking information reads:  “Purchase the 2020 Annual Pass and receive all upcoming 2020 Fortnite Battle Royale: Battle Bundles and 7 Annual Pass exclusive cosmetics. Battle Bundles unlock 25% of the content in each Battle Pass instantly upon release.”

Presently, the pass hasn’t really been affirmed by Fortnite designer Epic, in spite of the fact that the result of past leaks would recommend it’s absolutely on the agenda. No word either on a discharge date for the pass, nor a cost (albeit a few sources propose it could be 7,800 V-Bucks, or $78), albeit few cosmetic elements that will probably go with the pass have likewise been leaked. There’s a Fortnite announcement due at today’s Game Awards, so this likely could be it.

It’s an intriguing yet not astounding move for Fortnite. While battle passes weren’t altogether Epic’s thought, it has helped move the business away from loot boxes to a more pleasing arrangement of ‘pay once, unlock stuff as you progress’. An annual battle pass will likewise mean more cash forthright for the organization, so it can prepare with more money in its pockets, which must be something beneficial for energetic fans that are continually anticipating the following update.

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