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Fortnite now allows you to throw health at your mates


Never a week passes by without Epic Games adding something new to Fortnite. In the previous month alone, we’ve seen the Storm Flip, Proximity Grenade Launcher and even an Air Jordan 1 joint effort. As you’d anticipate from a Battle Royale game, the vast majority of the new things are ruinous, intended to harm your opponent(s) and guarantee you’re the last individual standing. The present update, be that as it may, focuses on another significant part of the game: health and healing.

Fortnite has generally expected players to hold and utilize their own healing things, be it a Bandage, Med Kit, Slurp Juice or Chug Jug. With the new Chug Splash, players can heal either themselves or up to three of their colleagues by basically tossing it at their feet. Think AoE (Area Of Effect) healing, instead of deselecting your weapon and stowing away so as to reestablish your health.

Epic says the Chug Splash will bargain 20 health points to every player it contacts. On the off chance that the player has the greatest health, it’ll give shield points. Yet, be cautioned, they will likewise concede enemies similar advantages on the off chance that they happen to be in the splash radius. Despite the fact that the thing drops in piles of two, upwards of six can be conveyed at one time.

In an offer to adjust the game, Epic has made various changes to a portion of its best weapons. The Combat Shotgun is currently less viable at medium and long distances, seeing a 10 percent and 20 percent decrease in damage separately. Gone additionally are the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols and Dynamite, which gives off an impression of being in light of calls from the network to decrease the number of explosives accessible to players.

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