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Fraudster tricked Apple into replacing 1500 fake iPhones

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Evidently, some fake iPhones are sufficient to trick Apple itself – particularly on the off chance that they can’t be switched on. Quan Jiang, a Chinese national living in Oregon, supposedly exploited that by running a detailed warranty scam that at last cheated the tech giant out of very nearly 1,500 iPhones.

As indicated by Bloomberg, Jiang imported the fake iPhones from Hong Kong and has now conceded to dealing in fake products in government court. Past reports state he worked with an accomplice named Yangyang Zhou, who was blamed for submitting false data on export documentation. Zhou has argued not guilty.

The court reports put together by Homeland Security specialists and the US Attorney’s office in Portland shed light on how the plan was organized. Jiang supposedly transported and by and by conveyed 3,000 fake gadgets to Apple for substitution over a range of two years. He’d tell the stores, under different names, that the gadgets wouldn’t turn on any longer and were qualified for replacement. Cupertino wound up dismissing 1,576 of his guarantee claims however allowing 1,493 – that means $895,000 in a loss for the tech goliath.

To transform the authentic gadgets into cash, Jiang would send them to a partner in China. That partner would then hand over the payment to Jiang’s mom, who might then store the cash into his account. The entire plan was unmistakably all around considered and indicates how warranties can be misused basically by turning in a credible looking gadget that has all the earmarks of being dead.  

“Submission of an iPhone that will not power on is critical to perpetuating iPhone warranty fraud,” wrote Homeland Security investigator Thomas Duffy, quoting Apple representative Adrian Punderson, “as the phone will not be able to be immediately examined or repaired by Apple technicians, triggering the Apple iPhone replacement process as part of its product warranty policy.”

Jiang is presently looking as long as 10 years of detainment and up to $2 million in fine or twice his returns, contingent upon which is more prominent. He will be sentenced on August 28th.

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