French regulators have approved Apple’s iOS update to address the radiation levels of the iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 Series

According to some recent pieces of information, the Cupertino-based tech firm has developed the software update for the iPhone 12. Notably, this software update will resolve the radiation level issue reported by French regulators. The concerned authorities in France have approved the company’s software update for the iPhone 12.

Early this month, the French authorities threatened to ban the sales of iPhone 12 given their radiation levels. Reportedly, the radiation levels were not complying with European standards. The rise in electromagnetic radiation emissions that regulators have reportedly seen over time appears to be the product of Apple’s regular software updates; it wasn’t there when the iPhone 12 was introduced in 2020.

As a response, ANFR commanded Apple to remove the iPhone 12 units from the French market due to their high level of electromagnetic absorption by human bodies. In addition to this, Apple was asked to recall each iPhone 12 unit sold in the country. Later on, the local French media reported that according to ministers, although the radiation levels are beyond the set limits, they are not dangerous for people. Users can continue using the smartphones.

In response to this situation, Apple announced that it would fix the reported issue with a software update. To this, the French ANFR reacted and stated that they would first test the software update. ANFR claimed it would bring the model into accordance with European standards used in France and would then lift the marketing withdrawal order if it changed the electromagnetic waves the device emitted.

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