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FTX Founder Caught In Bahamas Extradition To US: Partners Confess


Things are now getting serious for one of the stars of the cryptocurrency scene: the founder of the FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been extradited to the United States by the Bahamas authorities. There he is now to be brought before the court.

FTX was one of the largest crypto exchanges, but the platform went bust a few weeks ago. Now there is the suspicion that this is not only due to the inability and negligence of the management, but that deliberate fraud played a role. This is of particular gravity since numerous users have lost enormous value.

The allegations made by prosecutors could result in Bankman-Fried being sentenced to life imprisonment. However, that would be the maximum penalty, which is ultimately relatively unlikely. Rather, the FTX founder seems to have hope of getting out of the matter halfway unscathed. After all, he has not lodged an objection to the extradition request from the USA.

Partners Have Already Confessed

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which essentially provides the factual arguments for the public prosecutor’s office, assumes total damage of 1.8 billion dollars. In their view, Bankman-Fried lured investors and cryptocurrency users with promises and commitments that could not be kept and then embezzled a good part of the funds – among other things, real estate purchases for him and his family are said to have been paid for with these assets.

While the delivery started, the tide turned a bit to the detriment of the FT founder. Because two business partners pleaded guilty and reached a settlement with the public prosecutor’s office on this basis. These admitted to having been involved in the fraud that led to the FTX bankruptcy. However, the confessions were kept under wraps by US authorities until Bankman-Fried was on his way to the United States.