3 Tips to Become a Full-time Productive Blogger

full-time productive blogger

Are you a full-time blogger? Does the idea to “write all day” scare you? If yes, you have come to the right page. I’m going to tell you some tips to become a full-time productive blogger.

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Working as a full-time blogger is tough. You have to repeat all those previous day’s job. The only thing which changes is the topic. There’s nothing new (except the idea for today’s blog). This seems haunting.

And when you’re surrounded by these thoughts, you’re not doing any good. But you’re just ruining what should be your productive time.

So, how’d you get rid of your own critical analysis and be a full-time productive blogger?

Here in this post, I’m going to share some easy tips to be more productive. You’d also become a smart blogger!

Creating an SEO-friendly Content

Tips to Become a Full-time Productive Blogger

When you’re most efficient?

Find Your Productive Time - Full-Time Productive Blogger

Do you remember when you’re put to bed early in the night to rise and shine early in the morning? Your parents and teachers all used to say that it’s a good habit to be healthy and productive.

But do you remember your parents didn’t follow that routine? And yet they’re more productive. Of course,
they’re allowed coffee and tea.

Where getting up in the morning is a good habit, it doesn’t fit for all. A study says that more than 38% workaholics are more efficient in the mid-morning than any other time of the day.

You might not fit with these workaholics. You must have your own productive hours. Find them.  The next sections deeply rely on this.

Super Blogging Topics in 30-Minutes

Could you do a week’s job in a day?

Planning - Full-Time Productive Blogger

If you blog as a hobby, you’re free to produce as low as none a week. But if it’s your key source of earning, you need to be smart.

Every part of your blogging requires a plan and time. Producing a catchy headline, starting your first few lines, publishing the content, images for the post, social media sharing etc. all requires a lot of brainstorming and time.

There’s, however, a way where you’d be the most productive.

Write your next week’s content in one go. Generating images for these posts in one go. Submitting and scheduling them in one go. Every part of your blog could follow this unique idea, saving much of your time.

To follow this plan, you need to select a day and time for each assignment and then have to follow it strictly.

Organize Your Content Calendar

Outsource your efforts

Outsource - Full-Time Productive Blogger

Two is better than one. And a team of skilled people can beat the two.

The good thing about blogging is; you’d start right now. The tough part comes afterward; you’d a team to be more productive.

When you’re just starting, spending money would be a constraint for you. You might want to hire someone to help double your effort. But your finance would come in your way.

So, let’s leave this investment till you have the strength to DIY.

But when your blog is catching pace, you’d need to think to invest in your business. You’d start by outsourcing some of your tasks to a freelancer or a firm. And then focus on other core parts of your business.

Bonus: Why don’t you ask your spouse, friend, or a colleague to join you and double the effort from the beginning?

Why blogging is the most powerful form of content marketing?

Create Your Plan Before Monday

If this is the first time for you to plan your blog, consider creating a trial version. Create a plan for a week with a strict plan to action. Follow it no matter how tough or boring it seems.

After a week, you’d get a better picture of the most efficient hours of the day, would reduce time brainstorming, would help you double your efforts by batching alike assignment, and would help you become a better full-time productive blogger.

These are the simple steps to start becoming a productive blogger. If this work for you, do share your suggestions. And if you have a better plan, do share it with us.

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