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Galaxy S22 Camera To Come Without ToF Sensor

ToF Sensor

The so-called time-of-flight sensors have been found more frequently in many, mostly more expensive smartphone models for several years. Samsung had also partially equipped the Galaxy S series with it. However, because the special sensor is supposed to have little “use”, it does not return.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung will equip Galaxy S22 with a 200MP camera, the new device will have a 200MP Olympus camera and is partnered with some additional hardware manufacturer Olympus which is a Japanese camera giant. The company also partnered with a few other smartphone companies like OnePlus and Huawei.

Moreover, it seems like a periscope camera sitting on the back of the device. The camera hardware is protected by a metal housing.

As the Korean portal ETNews claims to have found out from sources in the area of ​​Samsung’s mobile device division, the development team decided against using time-of-flight (ToF) sensors for the manufacturer’s high-end smartphones. Originally there were corresponding considerations around at least one model of the upcoming Galaxy “S22” series, it is said.

ToF Sensors Are Disappearing?

Like some other manufacturers, Samsung began adding ToF sensors to the camera system of its upper-class smartphones in 2018. The sensors usually measure the time it takes light to reflect off an object and are intended to provide additional information for controlling the autofocus and other camera functions. With the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and later also the Galaxy S21, however, their use in Samsung smartphones ended.

In recent months, however, Samsung is said to have been considering reintroducing the ToF sensors in the next series of high-end models. Recently, however, Samsung decided to forego such equipment, also because customers would have reacted “not badly” to the elimination of the ToF sensor on the recently introduced smartphones of the S21 series.

One of the reasons that Samsung even considered using the sensor technology again was allegedly due to Apple’s decision to equip some variants of the iPhone 12 with it. But because “there were no clear advantages”, the decision to waive it was made, according to the report.

ToF sensors enable, among other things, a better, more precise calculation of depth effects, for example when it comes to photos in portrait mode. They are also useful for augmented reality applications. However, the processing of data from the frequently installed additional cameras in connection with improved autofocus systems and corresponding software can often deliver similarly good results.