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Galaxy S22 Ultra Concept Renders Exposed

Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is still in the design phase and it is not going to release anytime soon but next year, but this does not prevent designers from thinking and drawing about this flagship. Recently, the well-known design channel Technizo Concept brought a concept video of the Galaxy S22 Ultra in front of us. Although the front of the device is no different from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the most interesting thing is the rear panel.

The device looks amazing from the rear with a large lens and aperture, equipped with a 200 million pixel main camera on the back of the phone, it outperforms all other sensors in pure size comparison. According to reports, Samsung has been developing a 150-megapixel camera. We don’t know when the Korean giant will launch this sensor, but the company may jump directly to launch a 200-megapixel camera. These lens metrics are still in the rumour mill and we cannot exactly expect what is coming next, however, it could be either 150MP or 200MP sensor.

The lens will also have a large aperture size, this will allow more light to enter, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be able to capture more detailed images under various light conditions. The concept design also shows that this flagship device supports Samsung’s S-Pen. In 2022, we believe the company will retain this feature, but only for the high-end devices of the Galaxy S22 series.