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Galaxy S24 series might receive few major OS upgrades

Google stunned everyone in October 2023 when it announced that it would deliver Android version upgrades and security fixes to Pixel devices for the next seven years. That kind of dedication to software upgrades was unheard of in the smartphone market, with Apple only supporting iPhones and iPads with five major iOS releases.

Samsung promised four major Android upgrades for its flagship as well as certain mid-range and affordable handsets. Fans had hoped that Samsung may follow in Google’s footsteps and prolong its update policy in response, but while the Korean conglomerate hinted at the possibility in an interview with SamMobile at its developer conference, no changes have been formally revealed.

Seven years of security updates, or changes to Android and One UI as well?

That may change with the release of the Galaxy S24 series. According to Android Headlines, Samsung’s next flagship phone will receive upgrades for the next seven years. The paper does not specify if the seven-year period applies simply to security updates or also to Android, One UI, and feature updates.

It will also be fascinating to see if Samsung will extend the seven-year update guarantee to existing devices such as the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5. When it transitioned from its long-standing strategy of two major OS upgrades to three and then four major OS upgrades, Samsung covered both new and old devices, but the business may opt out given the seriousness of a seven-year commitment to software updates.

Everything will be revealed in a few days. The Galaxy S24 Unpacked event is slated for January 17, and you can watch it live from the comfort of your own home.

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