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Galaxy Watch 4 Update Brings New Face Display, Fall Detection And Gesture Controls

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series

Samsung begins shipping a major software update for its flagship Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. Fall detection has been improved and there are new gestures for control. Probably the most important adjustment for many: watch display or faces are becoming more flexible.

Rolling Out Since Yesterday

Asserting oneself alongside the Apple Watch in the smartwatch market is no easy undertaking. In this fight, Samsung is currently relying on the Galaxy Watch 4 and is now providing an update to ensure that users find even more reasons to use the smartwatch. As the company announced at its – otherwise not exactly overwhelming – unpacked event, the delivery of new functions is starting today.

As usual, availability is not immediately available in all markets. In addition, the Bluetooth version will be brought up to date first, but the models with the LTE module will follow “shortly”. At this point, Samsung once again points out that the latest version of the Galaxy Wearable app and the Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in are required for an update.

New watch face/display options

The most exciting adjustment for many users is waiting for the watch face selection. Samsung is delivering four new designs which, in addition to the time, are intended to provide a quick overview of the “most frequently used information”. As the developers explain using the example of the “Info Brick” watch face, there should be extensive options for customizing the displays, ranging from the current heart rate to the weather forecast.

More Gesture Controls

Gesture control has been expanded to include a new “knock-knock” function. A previously defined action can be carried out with a tapping movement of the wrist. The possibilities range from simply opening an app or a workout plan to activating reminders.

More accurate fall detection

The fall detection, introduced with the smartwatch models of last year, should react much more sensitively in the Galaxy Watch 4 after the update. With the ability to adjust the sensitivity, it should be able to detect falls of the wearer “even when the wearer is standing still” in the future. In addition, four emergency contacts can now be automatically informed in the event of a fall – provided that there is a cellular connection, of course.