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Galaxy Z Fold 2 To Receive eSIM functionality with an update

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 launched its sales globally today, but some pre-order customers have been already using it, many of them have been wondering: Where can they find the eSIM option on their new foldable device? The Galaxy Z Fold 2, like the Galaxy Fold, offers one physical SIM slot and an embedded SIM, but as owners of the phone have now realized, the latter isn’t actually available for use at the moment.

Well, Sammobile confirms that eSIM functionality is indeed missing on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 out of the box, but there is nothing to worry about: Samsung has confirmed that it will be enabling the eSIM option on its new foldable with a software update.

No Specific Time For The Update

There isn’t any timeframe for the software update, but we can only hope Samsung will roll it out soon because anyone who uses two different mobile carriers or was using an eSIM earlier before they upgraded to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is currently in a bind. Not to mention that the ability to connect to a mobile network is just a basic operation that everyone expects to just work on a smartphone, whether it’s a cheap one or the one that costs nearly $2000. We will surely know once Samsung releases the mentioned software update for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In the meantime, if you already have the beautiful foldable phone in your possession you might need to wait for a little to get your eSIM working in it.