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The game Pokemon Go results in death

Game Pokemon Go

The game Pokemon Go has become a favorite of iOS and android users all around the globe. The location based augmented reality game was initially released in July, 2016 and has quickly made a home among all age groups. Reality based gaming enthusiasts love catching Pokemons as they go. However, in the wake of employing reality based gaming to cellular devices a lot of accidents have surfaced up within a short span of time.

Driver kills woman while playing game Pokemon Go

On Tuesday, a farmer in Japan killed one woman and injured another while playing the game Pokemon Go on his cell phone. The driver was driving a truck in the rural Tokushima region of Japan. The target of the incident was a 70 year old woman who sustained serious spinal and neck injuries. She died on spot. The other woman according to media reports is severely injured and at the hospital. The driver told police officers that he was in fact playing Pokemon Go on his phone which led to his negligence on the road.


This isn’t the first case that has surfaced in Japan relating the game. Reports show that this is the first fatal accident caused by augmented reality based gaming and the 79th in the list of incidents caused by the game. It has led the authorities to express alarm over the game.

Pokemon Go accidents around the globe

Around the world there have been multiple cases where Pokemon Go players have put themselves and others in jeopardy. It has also caused an increase in robberies and physical assaults. A man residing in United States was allegedly stabbed while playing the game. In the UK, players were rescued from an island after having ventured out to find Pokemons. Individuals have also been a target of armed robberies and thefts while playing the game.

Niantic Labs, the developers of the game Pokemon Go have not yet commented on the incident.




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source: Verge