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Garmin is all set for CES with Fenix multisport watches

Fenix multisport

CES has a lot of new innovations and products to offer this year. Garmin is always at the top in introducing a new bunch of products at the CES. Garmin is offering an entire new line of in-car GPS devices but the navigation turned wearable maker is making expansions at the fitness side as well. It is offering in addition to the trio of new Fenix multisport watches. Fenix multisport watch 5, 5S and 5X are all variations of the same theme.

Garmin is one of the leading manufacturers of marine, aviation and consumer technologies. It is now trying to gain roots in the fitness technology side as well. The products are known for being excellent Global Positioning System (GPS).

Fenix 5 is a baseline device which is more compact that the devices released before it. The ones in the market before were pretty big with a 47 mm frame. 5S is however, the device manufactured by the company whose design aims at people with small wrists. 42 mm is not compact in terms but will do a better job at gaining new customers. This move will maintain the line’s standard functionality. If you’re more into the product line then go for the Fenix 5X. The 5X is gigantic with a 51 mm frame. The device has all sorts of bike specification features built in that include TOPO US mapping and a routable cycling maps.

Fenix Multisport watches come to you in the next quarter

Every new model has a built in monitor and multisport tracking, including modes for running, swimming, biking and hiking etc. What is a Garmin device without a GPS? The Fenix series has a built in GPS and GLONASS navigation. Barometric altimeter and standard motion tracking sensors are built in as well. The Fenix multisport watches are water resistant up to 100 meters and feature ruggedized casing. 5X has an optional sapphire lens for scratch resistance.

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The watches will hit the market soon and are to be sold at $600 for 5 and 5S. The 5X costs $700.

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